High-Speed Document Capture

Batch Capture, Scanning, e-documents, computer generated report files, Faxes; Indexing; Processing, Data Capture, OCR, Keystroke Data Capture

INFLOW32™ provides enhanced workflow, batch capture, and indexing capabilities for “pumping” files into your collection. Documents are collected from scanout folders or existing visual resource collections and moved into a data-entry stack for indexing or data collection (“adding value” to the document). INFLOW32’s data-entry screen presents the images and non-image files to the data-entry operator as single pages, or as multiple pages. Indexing information, such as an accession number, is entered INFLOW32’s data entry templates and documents are filed. By using INFLOW32’s configurable batch templates, INFLOW32 can provide a simple and very effective means of collecting and indexing thousands of documents files daily. Typical production rates for document indexing with 1-3 fields is over 1500 documents per day. INFLOW32’s indexing performance is greatly enhanced with Co-Star’s data capture options (OCR, barcode or OMR) which read in machine-print, bubbles or bar codes which are resident on the image.

Co-Star’s High performance scan engine, KCapture™, supports High-speed production   document capture. Capture devices include all TWAIN compliant black & white, greyscale or color scanners, digital cameras and video cameras as well as multi-function devices. KCapture™can be used as a plug-in for Inflow32 or use as a front-end to other document management systems. Documents can be captured and output to folders, FTP, or Email. Documents can be released to Co-Star’s open IFS repository and document indexing information sent to Host database structure.

CD Import Utility is the perfect tool to get CD’s created by service bureaus imported into your IFS document repository. You will be amazed at how fast and efficient this utility works. It also generates session report logs to let you quickly review the process results. All Windows compatible file formats are supported.

Electronic archiving captures computer generated reports and documents. Electronic archiving is sometimes referred to as Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) or Enterprise Report Management (ERM). INFLOW Reports™ provides the user to capture data and document from your computer reports and link logical pages to relevant data and document records.

Co-Star Data Capture allows the user to recognize and capture content of documents and images. Since a major cost of document management is time and labor of sorting and indexing the documents, automated data capture is a must in the high-production environment.  Co-Star provides both batch and single document capture accommodating any document workflow.  Zone OCR and  barcode reading are two common options for most users. Full-page OCR is preferred for applications that require conversion to text for use in other applications or for full-text retrieval. Co-Star employs the professional versions of the world-leading capture products from OCR providers such as Scansoft, Principia, OmniPage, Visionshape and Prime Recognition. Index data can be captured from PDFs, electronic documents and emails are burst into text and attachments.

Co-Star OCR can greatly improve the efficiency of production scanning and indexing documents by reading in a specific region of the image (some piece of information such as invoice or certification number) that will be used to index the image. In a fully automated mode, Co-Star’s powerful zone capabilities allow you to “read in” regions on a page. Blocks of text in journal abstracts or important paragraphs can be captured using Co-Star “Point & Shoot” capabilities. If your needs call for capturing all the text on a page Co-Star’s full-page OCR is employed.

Barcode recognition provides Co-Star users with the ability to automatically index barcoded documents. Co-Star’s AutoZone-Bar software automatically finds the bar codes on the page, identifies the Bar Code symbology and decodes the bar code generating an ASCII string corresponding to the bar-code value. The ASCII string is then stamped into a document-indexing file along with other information about the document.

Optical Marksense Recognition, OMR, interprets check box responses on surveys and forms. Using a high-speed recognition engine, KNForms™ reads the contents of check boxes and stores the results in ASCII response files for use by batch processes. If you need to process order forms or surveys that use check boxes or ovals, you will appreciate the speed, accuracy and power of OMR. Recognizing about 300 boxes per second, OMR helps register documents and collect data for indexing.

Providing Access Through Multiple Applications

High-speed retrieval, display, multiple documents, thumbnails, documents, faxes, plus added value of notes, red-lining, and drag-and-drop OCR

Co-Jacket™ is Co-Star’s complete document and content management solution from KeyNet. Co-Jacket utilizes the power of KeyNet’s document processing objects to bring you a tool that is simple to use, scalable, and feature-rich. Using Co-Jacket, a structure can be created that closely matches the way YOU like to keep your documents organized.  Documents can be partitioned into secured and unsecured folders, and then combined into a single virtual folder providing access a single point of access to all documents of a particular grouping.

Co-Jacket provides the following features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Document Scanning via KeyNet’s KCapture component.
  • Document import.
  • Ability to create and store any type of document in the repository
  • Full integration with KeyNet’s proven IFS repository architecture.
  • Print/Fax or Email documents from a single interface.
  • Document Gallery feature allows users to specific pages and documents into a single group.
  • Annotation tools
  • Document creation, edit and deletion.
  • Accepts output from KeyNet’s Inflow32 batch processing front-end.
  • Full control over user permissions to the folder level.
  • Work process routing via email, data flagging, or physical document movement.
  • Document Check-out/Check-in

Co-View32™ can be called from any licensed Host database PC to display your documents. Documents found matching the search criteria are presented in your choice of or CoView32 multiple document viewer or our preview “thumbnail” viewer.

CoView32′s high end, feature rich viewer provides 32 bit multiple documents viewing in an MDI environment. Images can be annotated with sticky notes, text, lines, boxes, highlighting, and hyperlinks. Permanent rotation of images is possible. Our “Point & Shoot” OCR option can also be launched from the viewer. CoView32 will function as a standalone viewer, as a DDE server, or as an OLE server. Documents can be printed, faxed or emailed from the viewer.

Using your existing queries in line-of-business database application,, i.e. searching by an customer number, etc., you will be able to access, and display all the pages of the Co-Star documents as thumbnails or as “gallery” of images. Linked documents can also be displayed with a simple mouse click in the Co-Star image display. Because line-of-business database applications have access to the Co-Star Document, Table of Contents, and individual pages, Co-Star users have ultimate capability to access, share and output the documents. Co-Star offers API, DDE, and ActiveX integration components.

Using document indexes created by Inflow32, Co-Search™ can search for documents using up to 25 search fields, or can initiate a full-text search. Multiple document volumes can be included in a single search. Documents found matching the search criteria are presented in a document ‘hit list’ for subsequent viewing.

TIFFix™ is our Co-Star image cleanup module that operates in an attended or unattended mode. Tiffix can straighten, or despeckle images, and folders. Tiffix can also convert images from one image format to another (e.g. TIFF to GIF). TIFFix is fully compatible to the IFS repository or Windows folders and thus accepts commands with references to logical IFS images and folders.

TIFFix now provides the ability to accept memory based bitmaps as input and to generate deskewed bitmaps in memory. This allows 32 Bit TIFFix to be used as an in-line process without file read/write overhead. TIFFix also now provides an ‘edge-trimmer’ feature which trims unwanted black edges.

Ensuring Secure Network Storage

Support for image and non-image file formats, distributed storage, ease of migration, support of network storage devices

IFS™ is an open yet very powerful image and document repository providing storage for any number of files (340 Billion file capacity) of any type. Using a unique storage mechanism, image and non-image files are combined into documents before storage, and then filed away in either local hard drives, storage server or secondary storage device such as an optical storage device. Documents are located later by a simple ASCII key stored in Host database. Document collections can be deployed across multiple sites and network topologies, while at the same time providing central search and retrieval control. Co-Star offers API, DDE, and ActiveX integration components. With the Co-Star powerful Development Tools, you can add production level document management to your applications.

IFS™ for the WEB You can now liberate your IFS document repository with a WEB portal. Available as a standalone web-site, or as an add-on to existing sites, IFSWEB provides access to Co-Star documents from any web-browser, anywhere. Use this feature as an add-on to your own web-enhanced data base application to give your customers instant access to documents they need.

Our Repository Management utility, CoTools32™, is a powerful utility program for managing document volumes, archives and migrations. Using CoTools32, the repository administrator can create new document volumes, administer migration processes and clean up the document repository WITHOUT affecting the Host database.

IFSEdit™ is a powerful system utility for maintaining the document repository and providing disaster recovery for the document management system. IFSEdit is a simple Windows application with most recovery operations performed with a simple click of the “Analyze Volume” button.

Outputting & Publishing Documents

Support for network printers, host application print jobs, web publishing

CoView32™ provides full print fax and sending capabilities for the CoView32 client workstations. Users may select local or network printers. Document images and graphic images can be printed at the resolutions selected at the printer.

Host databases functions as a front-end to many of the Co-Star functions using simple one-line commands. Using simple print commands in Host database, single or multiple page documents can be printed on local or network printers. ASCII terminal users can also use print and fax commands through Windows printers. Co-Star Gateway described below provides additional capabilities.

Co-Star functionality can also be delivered to users who are outside the “PC on a LAN” world using Co-Star Gateway™. These users include Internet clients, ASCII terminal users connected to mainframes, and other non-Windows clients like Linux, X-Windows, or Apple Macintosh. Gateway makes information about documents stored in the document repository available to the user’s application, and performs a variety of tasks normally reserved for Co-Star client workstations.

Co-Star Output

General Capabilities:

  • Ability to manage multiple print sessions.
  • Ability to provide controlled document printing on multiple Microsoft Windows supported laser printers, without the use of imaging boards.
  • Ability to publish (print) both data fields and documents to printers, faxes and to the web
  • Ability to provide controlled printing and faxing of documents to remote locations along with flexible fax retry options, on both the server and the client.
  • Ability to queue multiple concurrent prints, collated print jobs and fax requests.
  • Ability to email, “Send” multiple email recipients

COLD & Report Management

Splitting Reports into Logical Documents

Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) or Enterprise Report Management (ERM) replaces microfiche or paper storage of computer generated reports and documents. Unlike microfiche and paper, COLD/ERM documents are instantly accessible across your network. INFLOW Reports™ provides very high performance features not found in other COLD systems by splitting reports into logical documents and managing them in the Co-Star system.