Product Announcement

From: KeyNet Sales
Date: 8/14/11
Re: Co-Star R11 Software Bundles

KeyNet Inc.
is pleased to announce the availability of new 32 and 64-Bit Co-Star software bundles. The Co-Star deluxe bundle includes intuitive scanning, email processing, fax importing INFLOW integrated indexing and data entry and the unlimited IFS document storage repository for medium to large companies.

With Co-Star Solutions, you can:

  • Gain immediate access to any business document your network and web applications
  • Virtually eliminate the costs of your current paper-based system
  • Enhance productivity and employees collaboration
  • Dramatically improve profitability through the speed and reliability of Customer Service through easy document retrieval

Co-Star R11 Deluxe basic bundle features:

  • Collects, indexes stores, retrieves and distributes in one easy to use interface
  • Scans from centralized and remote offices
  • Captures email from MS Outlook and MS Exchange inboxes
  • Import faxes from RightFax,  VISI Fax and other fax applications
  • Offers manual data entry and barcode data processing on incoming documents
  • Processes email sent from and subject data content
  • Processes fax header content
  • Processes barcode data
  • Parses data from multiple value fields
  • Built-in XML data processing
  • Updates your ERP, Distribution Management Systems and other applications
  • Offers stand-alone Windows and Distribution Management System database retrieval
  • Offers unlimited royalty-free document repository storage
  • Distributes documents by email, fax and print

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Richard Mahoney,
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