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At KeyNet, we measure our success every day by our customer satisfaction.

Here’s what the CIO of a Fortune 100 company says about us.

“My business needs to capture data from paper, faxes, PDFs and the Internet. To be competitive in our industry, we needed a system to capture critical information from all these sources simultaneously and in one workflow that can be exported to our common business information system.”

“KeyNet’s software provides a unified information capture platform for extracting, perfecting, formatting and exporting data to our information management systems. Data from any source can be brought together in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner within a single, fully integrated information capture and management solution.”

KeyNet has become an important business partner of our document management solution.”

A Corporate Controller for a large wholesales distributor in Los Angeles, CA says:

“We have constant requests from customers for proof of delivery (POD’s). That requires us to have a person on staff to file and to rummage through files or boxes, make copies and fax the POD’s to the customers.”

“With the Co-Star product, now we can scan one day’s paperwork in about an hour and when a customer requests a copy of a document, we can recall it and fax it to the customer from the desktop.”

“As we started to expand our uses for Co-Star, each new one has been quick and easy to implement, and our savings immediately realized.”

VP of Marketing for a Dallas, TX  manufacturer says:

“We have virtually eliminated filing errors, plus the information is at the fingertips of our Customer Service group for instant viewing instead of having to walk to the files down the hall.”

“The time we spend scanning, filing, and retrieving documents is a fraction of what it used to be, and we can always find what we are looking for.”

IT Manager for a Costa Mesa, CA based company says:

“We needed a system for our accounting department to handle an excessive amount of paper accumulation and needless physical research for documents…“We have reams of vendor catalogs, technical information and product photos in-house but they are not linked with our business information systems”

“KeyNet’s Costar and Inflow products allow us to attach an electronic copy of our accounting paperwork to orders for research at the touch of a button, saving our clerks hours of labor. Once we modify our documents and scanners to handle barcodes, the data entry process for hundreds of PODs should take minutes. The system has been nearly trouble free since implementing it and any minor technical support questions were handled immediately.”

“We hope in the future to use these same services to link our product catalogs to our product lookup functions in our database applications. We aren’t hesitating to enlist KeyNet’s expertise in this arena again.”

The bottom line is Payback says the COO of a major nationwide wholesale distributor.

“Rich, we continue to be pleased with KeyNet software. We have replaced hundreds of feet of manual filing cabinets by scanning documents instead.”

“The documents we scan include mailed or faxed customer Purchase Orders or Correspondence, Bankruptcy notices, Proof of Deliveries, the occasional manually written order, and other customer information that may be received.”

“The payback for us is several:”

  • Instant, accurate, information to everyone in the group with no errors or misplaced papers
  • Security in knowing that the imaged documents are secure on a server with backup
  • Better Customer Service; allows many questions to be concluded on a single call with a customer

Another Corporate Controller for a mid-sized wholesale distributor says:

“We initially purchased Co-Star to help us manage our proof of delivery documents.  Before Co-Star we filed our PODs in a series of 8 4-drawer lateral filing cabinets, and the mind-numbing filing process was a full 40-hour a week job.  Now the POD storage takes about 10 hours a week (preparing, scanning, data entry) and we NEVER mis-file a document! ”

“Our initial investment was recovered in labor savings within the first year, and we were able to eliminate the worst job in the Accounting department.”

COO for a midsized wholesale distributor in Tacoma,  WA says:

“As we started to expand our uses for Co-Star, each new one has been quick and easy to implement, and our savings immediately realized.  We store customer resale (tax) certificates in Co-Star instead of a four-drawer file cabinet.  We store MSDS sheets in Co-Star instead of a series of 3-ring binders next to the fax machine.  And we are in the middle of scanning and converting our Credit Services documents (credit applications and confidential customer data) so that we can eliminate 15 file cabinets this summer.  Now, we can always find what we are looking for.”

“When we were first exploring document imaging, we spoke with other vendors besides KeyNet/Co-Star and we spent a lot of time in discovery mode.  We have never regretted our decision to use Co-Star instead of a stand alone system, and we have enjoyed working with the folks at KeyNet.”

“This technology has changed the way we manage documents, and it’s hard to remember what it was like before! ”

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