Return on Investment (ROI)


What is your Return on Investment?

We guarantee hard dollar and soft dollar cost savings with every Co-Star purchase!”

Customer Service

When a customer calls with a question, can your staff put their hands on information fast? Your customer service staff and your customer can have access to desk catalogs, product detail, purchase history, payment terms and contracts and any other information that you need to serve your customer better.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable personnel can scan and index invoices received by the business; route them to the appropriate personnel for approval; relate invoices to orders that were placed and packing slips that accompanied goods to ensure that the correct material was delivered; relate invoices to specific projects; and track reimbursements from customers as necessary.

 Most organizations can earn quick-pay discounts and tighten cost accounting and budget processes, accelerating cash-flow cycles an eliminating duplicate payments.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable personnel can streamline the entire AR process from invoicing to collection. Bills can be sent out with supporting documentation such as quotes, purchase orders and delivery receipts. Bills can be swiftly reconciled with payments received.

 Streamline your operations so that bills and statements get out faster. Access to PODs and other paperwork minimize mis-billing and reduce customer frustration.

Document Retention and Storage

Your business information must be retained for many years for regulatory, auditing and tax purposes. Conversion of paper documents to electronic formats significantly reduces the amount of storage space required for documents.

 Reduce and eliminate the costs associated with off-site archival storage. The amount of on-site storage is also significantly reduced -liberating valuable floor space.

Project Team Collaboration

Provide staff, customers and vendors with a powerful and easy way to collaborate on projects. Share, manage, distribute, find, annotate and review documents during every step of the process.

Expedite communications – eliminate the “Print-Markup-Fax” approach. Eliminate costly mistakes, duplication and errors resulting from multiple versions of the same documents. Maintain control of change requests by using standard red-line, sticky-note and text tools.

 Enhance your customer interactions by providing a professional approach to project communication.

Sales Order-Entry

Faxed or emailed orders don’t need to be scanned! They can be automatically processed through an electronic work queue directly into the document system. Additional workflow is provided because Pre-order-entry staff can view, correct and provide notes to orders before routing to sales order-entry staff. Automated data capture and heads-up data entry increase speed and productivity during sales order-entry peek periods.

 Make Orders available to everyone in the chain of command with no down time due to lost or misplaced orders. Eliminate data re-keying, increases data accuracy and improve workflow.

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Like the data stored in databases, paper-based legal contracts, purchase orders, vendor invoices, employee records, research reports, memos and business correspondence are the lifeblood of a company. Paper documents are not always backed up or retained in a secure location – despite the fact that they are critical for business continuity. Electronic images can be easily backed up and stored in redundant on-site and off-site locations.

 The documents you don’t backup could be lost forever in a fire or disaster. And just like that, you could be facing a disruption of your business. Replacing paper documents with electronic images controls risk and ensures business continuity in the wake of unforeseen disasters.

Web and e-Commerce

In this digital age, E-business, the World-Wide Web, and email have created many opportunities for communication and commerce. The standardization of electronic document formats, such as MS Office, MAC files, HTML, image and PDF, and cross-platform sharing of both documents and content are key elements to the e-business success story.

 Customer care is greatly enhanced while support costs are reduced.  Enhance your e-business sales and service with e-document support!

Product Catalogs

Capture and store an unlimited number of images, PDFs and editable content in a secure and permanent repository for future use. Integrate the product photos with the other information in your existing product master in your database applications. Enhance and edit your product catalogs and brochures as often as you like …give future publications a fresh look. It’s an easy to use and affordable way to manage your on-line product information….real-time!

 Minimize the delays in getting new product information to your customers. Avoid the pitfalls of duplicate information. Reduce your catalog production costs. Recoup your investment with your first catalog!

Human Resources

Improve overall corporate awareness and communications and security while providing a higher level of service. Give managers the ability to access employee profiles, track performance reviews, and perform other managerial tasks. Digitize and organize your records to your specifications. Keep effective, up-to-date employee records.

  • Track employee development plans
  • Document employee performance
  • Manage government compliance
  • Organize reporting requirements
  • Integrate with Corporate HR systems
  • Share self service solutions

 Realize a return on investment almost immediately. Achieve immediate savings in hard-copy storage costs and reduced labor costs involved with accessing HR files. Increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

Business Workflow

Track a customer sales order from quote to proof-of-delivery or track an HR file for each employee from hiring to retirement. Imagine any document a mere “mouse-click” away from staff and supervisor and managing the content in your documents to augment and complement your business database applications.  Route documents in your chain-of-command to ensure the proper reviews and approvals for such document as contracts and accounts payables.

 Streamline your operations to ensure quick  turn-around and management approvals on contracts and purchases.   Minimize corporate risk and mis-information.

Document Reproduction and Delivery

Having documents and customer information just a mouse-click away provides benefits such as increased accuracy, improved customer service, and more productive employees. Providing information in documents and forms on-line provides a way to improve customer care and satisfaction.

 Business efficiency is increased as documents are delivered immediately, without having to wait for duplication, faxes or overnight services. In fact, digital documents are usually viewed on the desktop, without printing or duplication. This virtually eliminates costly mail alternatives and greatly reduces your costs of doing business.