AUTOZONE™ -  Automatically Converts Data from Print, Bar Codes and Checkboxes.

AutoZone™ is an automatic data capture component from KeyNet. AutoZone utilizes the power of award winning character recognition engines to reduce your data entry task load.  AUTOZONE provides Co-Star users with the ability to automatically index documents. The software automatically finds the data on the page, identifies the data generating an ASCII string corresponding to the data. The ASCII string is then stamped into a document-indexing file along with other information about the document.

AutoZone offers the following features:

  • OCR (machine print recognition)
  • ICR (hand print recognition)
  • Barcode recognition
  • OMR (marksense recognition)
  • Define 1000 zones/form, using any combination of OCR, ICR and Barcode recognition.
  • Intuitive form designer makes it easy to create and maintain form templates

Autozone is fully integrated into Inflow32 and AutoForm components.

Form Properties

The template properties screen lets you set the Form Name, assign and Image Prototype to the template, and assign the form to a specific Inflow32 Batch and Stack.

Form Designer

The Form Designer creates form templates and allows recognition zones to be defined using a prototype of the form.  The Main Screen consists of  a menu bar, a tool bar, a layout pane, an elements list and a status bar.  These components work together to create the form template.

Define any zone by holding down the left mouse button and ‘drawing’ the zone on the related area of the image.  After drawing a recognition zone, the zone may be moved or resized.  Zone Recognition can be tested and changed in the Zone Properties screen.

AUTOZONE provides several output formats. First, all modes of operation allow Co-Star Information Files (INF’s) to be updated, using syntax provided in Co-Star recognition profiles. Next, AUTOZONE provides strings containing data and file information when being used as a server. Finally, AUTOZONE provides input into KeyNet’s INFLOW data capture system, updating INFLOW  files and launching post-processing validation routines.


Co-Star AUTOZONE-Bar TM is a Co-Star software application that allows Co-Star users to quickly implement bar code recognition functions into their solutions. Bar-code recognition is the preferred method to automate document batch-scanning and indexing. As bar-coded documents are scanned and filed into an electronic imaging system, the bar code is read or processed. The bar code could contain an invoice number, a number of pages, and a page number. Since bar code reading is highly accurate, fewer data entry errors occur and faster data entry is achieved. Whenever possible, bar codes should be considered an alternative to OCR in document indexing applications.

Bar codes can be anywhere on a page, and at any angle. Supported symbologies include but are not limited to Codabar, Code39, Code 128, Code 2 of 5, UPC, Patch, PDF, EAN and Telepen.

The Barcode options screen lets you select the Bar code symbology, the direction of scan, and other settings that can improve speed or accuracy.


The Zone OCR options screen lets you select the field name, zone type, coordinates, content, and other settings that can improve OCR accuracy.

  • Character Max Height, Min Height, and Min Confidence
  • Include Set, Exclude Set, and Wipe Spaces
  • Repair Broken Characters, and Repair Level

The properties screen provides a TEST button.  The test button will apply the current settings before testing the zone, making it simple to adjust the zone properties to the level of accuracy and speed desired.

Co-Star AutoForm™

Using Co-Star AutoForm, a stack of unsorted images can be submitted for data recognition.  AutoForm will determine the document type, and will overlay a recognition template on the image, providing form specific zone registration.  Using this method, a stack of Vendor Invoices, for example, can be submitted for processing.  AutoForm will identify the Vendor, and extract the Invoice Number from the appropriate region on the form.

AutoForm offers the following features:

  • Automatic form identification from a user-defined library.

    An unlimited number of form types may be registered.

  • OCR (machine print recognition), ICR (hand print recognition), Barcode recognition
  • Route forms and recognition results to Inflow32 batches.  Each form can be assigned to a different batch and stack
  • Simple user interface makes it easy to register new forms to the Form ID library
  • Special Privacy Zone “whites out” sensitive image regions from AutoForm operators.
  • Intuitive form designer makes it easy to create and maintain form templates

AutoForm User Interface

The main AutoForm screen, shown above,  is divided in four frames:

  • Processing Frame
  • Results Frame
  • Selected Zone Frame
  • Image Frame