CD Import Utility

High-Speed Batch Importing

CD-Import provides a high speed batch method for importing documents into the Co-Star IFS System. Using IFS32 technology, CD import can add thousands of documents per hour to the IFS repository, and generate ASCII output for subsequent linking into the User’s database.

You can use the CD-IMPORT utility anytime you need to capture a collection of documents or images from CD media. This means capturing third party catalog data, web collections, Application Service Providers and indexed documents from a Scanning Service Bureau. 


CD-Import Utility has the features you need to check both the CD media and their indexes.

  • Selects the Destination Volume to contain the documents being imported
  • Checks the CD media source index information
  • Reads the index file and checks for syntax
  • Checks references folders ensure that the index is usable, and
  • Writes detected errors to an error log.


CD-Import specifies where the output from the CD Import process is to be written and also gives the user the option of stamping up to three user defined fields, either ONCE in the batch header record file, or stamped on every document record. For example, you may wish to stamp the CD Label in the data file header. In that case you might type     2003 User Guides

Viewing the Results

The CD-Import process generates a LOG file in the location you specified. You can view it by clicking the VIEW LOG button, which will bring it up in Wordpad. At that point you can print the LOG. Errors will be flagged.