System Management Utility

CoTools32TM is an Image File System (IFS) Management Utility for the Co-StarĀ® Document Management System, providing, among other things, the ability to migrate volumes and directories from one media to another. CoTools32 also provides maintenance of the logical volume structure of the IFS Data System. A built-in file editor provides fast access to Co-Star’s configuration files.

CoTools32 checks Co-Star for device types for each storage device it detects. Before CoTools32 can be loaded successfully, all devices registered in the Storage Device section of Co-Star must be registered. This registration is used exclusively by CoTools32. Drive registration will also be required whenever you add a Storage Device to your system. CoTools32 monitors this when it loads, and will remind you whenever you have not registered a new drive. CoTools32 also creates new volumes for Co-Star.

CoTools Features

  • Create Document Volumes
  • Create Multiple Document Repository Sites
  • Maintain Repositories
  • Migrate documents from one site or volume to another without reindexing
  • Check and repair the integrity of the document repository
  • Browse the document repository

Who is using CoTools32?

Every client needs to set up volumes and sites. And eventually, everyone needs to move those inactive documents off the system onto a more remote media.

Why is CoTools better?

CoTools32 is easy to use. It is a simple Windows application that provides user-friendly access to all the IFS administrative functions.