Multiple Document High-Resolution Display

Welcome to CoView32, a powerful document viewer that is compatible with KeyNet’s Co-StarĀ® Document Management software. CoView32 is a full-featured image viewer offering high-resolution black & white, greyscale and color viewing. CoView32 provides powerful multiple document and image viewing (MDI) in either cascade or tiled display (galleries) and thumbnail display.

CoView32 can be used as a standalone application, as a DDE server, or as an OLE/ActiveX objects, making it a logical choice for large collections of files across the enterprise or web.

CoView32′s optional controls give users full or partial permissions for annotation, redlining, redaction and hyperlinking.

CoView32′s optional module allows ‘point and shoot’ OCR. The operator simply draws a box around the text to be recognized. The output can be captured in a file, the Windows clipboard or as a Drag and Drop object.

In addition to its use with database applications with our API, CoView32 can be used as a standard Windows viewer which can be associated with various types of files selected by the user.


  • View and markup multiple documents simultaneously
  • Permanent rotation
  • Memo notes view-port
  • Robust image navigation features
  • Thumbnail browser
  • DDE and OLE developer interfaces
  • Send documents to Email recipients
  • Fax or Print documents
  • Forms mode allowing user or administrator defined zoom regions
  • Up to 32,000 levels of configurable user functionality
  • Album feature allows document arrays to be saved to a library
  • Dockable/floatable tool-sets
  • Robust set of keyboard shortcut functions
  • High performance scale to gray capability
  • Always-On-Top capability

CoView32′s unique “For Your Eyes Only TM” feature, allows the functional levels to be created by an administrator for specific user groups. Up to 32,000 tool and menu layouts can be configured using powerful GUI customization functions. These functional levels can be applied under control of your database application.

How has it been used?

  • A manufacturer uses Co-View32 in its document workflow process. Images are collected using a fax server and automatically filed to the CoStar document repository. A filing operator then splits each fax document into individual orders, which are routed to the order processing workflow system. The document is then routed from station to station along the workflow path. At each station, additional value is added to the document in the form of notes, redline markups, and memos. The first paper associated with the order is the shipping document.
  • Advantages

    Superior User Interface

    • Fully configurable toolbars let you give your users only the features you wish them to have. Improves security and provides user specific configurability.
    • State-of-the-art display quality
    • Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
    • Robust set of annotation tools
    • Permanent rotation feature
    • Document Notes feature
    • Keystroke or mouse control
      Advanced Technology

    • High resolution end image display engine
    • Built in document repository support
    • OLE support of non-image documents