IFS Edit

IFS Edit is a tool for maintaining the document repository and providing disaster recovery for the document management system. Most recovery operations can be performed with a simple click of the Analyze Volume button.

IFS Edit Features

When you store millions of documents across multiple servers, perhaps in multiple countries, you need a way of analyzing the usage of your storage space, recovering lost indexes, and rebuilding database pointers and a myriad of other administrative tasks. Here are a few examples of questions that can be answered by IFS Edit.

  • Users have stored 10,000 TIF files as Uncompressed images by accident. How do I shrink them?
  • User’s database has been destroyed. How can I rebuild the document indexes?
  • How can I recover wasted space from my repository?
  • I accidentally destroyed my batch files for about 5000 documents. Can I recover them?

Who is using IFS Edit?

  • A major legal firm with one million documents in its repository uses IFS Edit to help them restructure the document base when frequent company changes are implemented.
  • A leasing firm uses IFS Edit to provide information about its jukebox volumes after migration.