Inflow Reports

Electronic Archiving

Electronic archiving replaces microfiche or paper storage of computer generated reports and documents. Unlike microfiche and paper, electronic archives are linked to data records and associated document images and are instantly accessible across your network. Electronic archiving is sometimes referred to as Computer Output to Laser Disk/electronic records management (or COLD/erm). KeyNet’s INFLOW Reports provides very high performance features not found in other COLD/erm systems.

Who Needs INFLOW Reports?

Anyone who produces high volumes of internally generated computer output can take advantage of electronic archiving. Does your organization:

  • Produce over 500 pages a day of green bar?
  • Spend over $500 a month on microfiche?
  • Have documents stored in file cabinets?
  • Have reports stored in warehouses?
  • Have print files archived on data tapes?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any two of the above questions, you should be using INFLOW Reports. The investment usually pays for itself in about one year.

INFLOW Reports is Simple to Use!

Simply download print spool files from your host. INFLOW Reports automatically indexes and stores your documents, making them immediately available to all Co-Star users.

INFLOW Reports Data Files

INFLOW Reports quickly processes ASCII data, providing up to a thousands of pages of text on a Gigabyte of disk storage. Report information is stored in Co-Star’s IFS storage repository on magnetic or optical media, providing instant, cost-effective, access to months or even years of reports.

INFLOW Reports is Incredibly FAST!

Innovative indexing organizes documents so they can be found quickly and easily. INFLOW Reports indexes the detail you set up in INFLOW32. Searches can be performed from your standard database queries allowing users immediate access to the data from familiar database platforms and user screens.

INFLOW Reports Pays for Itself!