KCapture is a 32-bit image capture system which provides image capture from a variety of sources,  including  scanners, digital cameras, workstation video monitor, and existing image files in Windows folders.  KCapture provides a robust set of capabilities intended to support the widest possible range of devices:

  • Supports the TWAIN through a simple user interface.
  • Functions as a front-end to production document management systems like CoJacket, and Inflow32 Batch Processing System
  • Functions in remote standalone environments.
  • Provides both COM/ActiveX and DDE APIs.  KCapture is the platform of choice for all Co-Star components requiring a front-end scanning process.
  • User-defined profiles provide access to a limitless array of scanning configurations and devices from a simple drop-down list.  For example, a document scanner and a digital camera can be used together to create a single document in a single KCapture session, without post-processing!
  • KCapture supports the “Kofax Software VRS – TWAIN” driver, version 3.1 and later.

Over the past several years the TWAIN working group has improved upon this vendor independent standard to the point that it supports all of the low- to mid-range high-speed scanners KeyNet recommends.  KCapture includes an advanced TWAIN settings feature that allows you to take full advantage of all TWAIN features supported by the TWAIN driver manufacturer.

The main user interface for KCapture is a screen similar to that shown below.  It consists of a tool bar, an image list area and several navigation tools.   A status bar at the bottom of the screen displays information about the current profile and activities occurring at the moment.