KN Forms


Process Check Boxes or “Bubbles” on Forms

If you need to process order forms or surveys that use check boxes or ovals, you will appreciate the speed, accuracy and power of Co-MR. Recognizing about 300 boxes per second, Co-MR helps register documents and collect data for indexing. Co-MRTM interprets check box responses on surveys and forms. Using a high-speed recognition engine, Co-MR reads the contents of check boxes and stores the results in ASCII response files for use by batch processes.

Who is using Co-MR?

A testing institution uses CoMR to collect student ID and response information from SAT tests. The Co-MR module is used in combination with other CoStar products to capture, index and store documents, and then links those documents to a Lotus Notes database.

Flexible Interface

  • Co-MR is designed to be used for extracting form data while indexing documents. Co-MR can be used as a plug-in module to our INFLOW product, or used independently via any application. Responses are returned as streams of Yes and No, or actual ASCII codes, depending on user defined templates.