TIFFixTM Image Cleanup Server

TIFFixTM is a Windows software program from KeyNet, Inc. which provides powerful batch image cleanup and conversion capabilities. TIFFIX Cleanup includes ‘deskewing’ (straightening) or despeckling of document images. TIFFix Conversion can convert files from one compression file type to another. For example, you may want to convert your TIFF files to JPG or GIF for your internet applications or transform a folder of uncompressed BMP files to TIFF to save disk space.

True Flexibility

TIFFixTM can be used as a standalone utility, with the ability to fix individual or groups of image files in response to commands typed by the user. However, the real power lies in its server mode, which allows commands generated by a client application to be executed in an unattended mode.

The TIFFixTM Server will process commands written into ASCII files, or commands sent directly. TIFFix supports standard Windows folder and files. It also supports KeyNet’s IFS document repository specification. This makes it possible for a user to request a single IFS image file, an IFS document, a folder of IFS documents, or the entire IFS image base to be deskewed or converted with one command. The TIFFix processor updates the TIF header and does not re-process images which have already been cleaned.

TIFFix is very user friendly, and unobtrusive. It will run in the background while other processes are active, with very little impact on the performance of these other tasks. TIFFix can also recover from most errors and aborts encountered during processing, making it ideal for unattended, overnight processing.

TIFFix maintains an audit trail of every action it performs, every error it encounters, and every command it receives, making it possible for a user to easily see what files did and did not get processed.

Who is using TIFFix?

Aerospace Distributor: TIFFix runs as a DDE server. Cleans up images as soon as they are filed to the IFS repository. This allows scan and data entry operators to maintain maximum throughput without waiting for image cleanup operations.

Why is TIFFix better?

TIFFix provides a simple unattended method for straightening and despeckling images. TIFFIX typically operates as an unattended command server processing image cleanup commands as they are registered by document scan stations and fax servers.

TIFFix usually runs as a task on the Windows task bar. Using OLE automation, TIFFix can also function as an INFLOW plug-in.