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Why should I invest in document management?

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT is Hot! - – - New e-document and web features, lower hardware prices and customer demand are driving the market.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT is Economical! – - – Lower prices for software, hardware and mass storage bring document management to within reach for all end users.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT is Essential! – - – For businesses and institutions and government who manage a lot of paper and electronic documents. For businesses who need fast response to customer inquiries about invoices, POs, deliveries and every other document that was ever printed, faxed, processed, routed, managed or filed.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Saves Money! – - – Consider that 90% of all information is stored in documents. Each document is printed and copied an average of 15 times. A misfiled document costs an average of $125 to locate and $750 to reconstruct. ROIs of one year and less are the rule.

Why should I look at Co-Star©?

Co-Star has advanced features. Co-Star has been solving document management problems since 1991. It is a sophisticated high- performance product. It is faster, more dependable and reliable under more diverse operating conditions than its competition. Developers and end users alike have told us that Co-Star is faster and easier to deploy than ANY document management product they have seen.

Co-Star is economical.  Co-Star is an affordable addition for mid-sized companies using Windows applications, host databases and  web application.

Co-Star doesn’t try to run the show. Co-Star is the number one developer environment (a.k.a. document enabler) for multi-user systems due to its seamless integration with the host application. Co-Star does not impose new conditions or rules and won’t force you to re-engineer company workflows.

Co-Star is versatile. It enables ANY host or Network operating system and supports all Windows operating environments, Windows , WindowsNT, XP, 2000 and Windows2003!

What will KeyNet do for my organization?

The keynet.connection program gives you the most for your investment.

Program Summary

KeyNet Partners receive a variety of software development and technical support, product discounts, sales training and marketing materials,. Partners have access to KeyNet’s marketing and communications programs as well as senior level sales support and pre-sales technical support. All Partners receive complimentary KeyNet Software for demonstration and development purposes and also receive source-code for their application program interface. The KeyNet Partner Program includes the following program benefits:

  • An aggressive product discount schedule
  • A fully configurable, fully integrated, or stand-alone version of software and documentation
  • Development resources necessary to integrate our products with your products
  • Preferred technical support including 9 by 5 telephone support
  • Preferred installation and troubleshooting services
  • Preferred technical training classes for installers
  • Complimentary technical training classes for sales staff
  • An assigned KeyNet Manager as a management liaison to KeyNet
  • End-user lead generation through national advertising, trade shows, and direct marketing
  • Assistance with customized promotional material and proposal requests
  • Access to our website, www.keynetinc.com product information and promotional material
  • Product literature, case studies, and promotional items; available in electronic version or in print.

The keynet.connection program pays for itself fast- – Partner investment is very reasonable, commitments are manageable even for a small consultants or VARs and PAY-BACK is typically months, not years.