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Co-Star® by KeyNet

Are you burdened managing paper-based files, graphics, word files, spreadsheets and PDFs among separate offices, users and computers?  Is document content important to your operation?  How is the outdated approach of ”print, copy, fax and file” affecting your business? Is your current system disrupting good communication between your customer service staff and your customers?  What are the negative impacts on collaboration between departments and staff?  For example, does productivity suffer when everyone can’t work from the same page? What is the real cost of your current system and how is it affecting your profitability?

Your organization relies on computer software to run operations from a data management point of view.  As part of the normal business activity, your company also receives, generates, handles, stores and otherwise processes thousands of documents each day.  KeyNet provides the technology and tools to seamlessly combine, or integrate, these two forms of information: Structured information residing in computer databases, and unstructured information contained in paper or electronic documents.

Co-Star’s “end-to-end” software system makes the job of conversion easy. With our patented one-step process you can file, capture content, store and deliver documents to your users.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduce Expenses Immediately
  • Paper filing, reproduction, distribution, and storage costs are through the roof.  What’s your cost for distributing paper documents between your home and branch locations… or costs to store and retrieve financial documents for auditing or tax purposes every year? How much staff time is spent processing paperwork, copying, duplicating, filing, printing and faxing multiple versions of the same documents?  You’ll save money immediately by doing your work in a fraction of the time!

  • Improve Customer Service
  • When a customer calls with a question, can your staff put their hands on information fast? Make your sales and customer service staff smarter than your competitors’. Be the “Go-To” company for sales, service and support!

  • Increase Sales
  • Product information is expensive to produce and maintain but your sales growth depends upon disseminating frequent and current information to your customers. Store electronic documents and photos where you can reach them and keep product pictures and content up to date.  Make your publications and business units work smarter and avoid costly catalog production problems and delays.

If your business is still dependent on paper-based systems or disjointed electronic document systems, then we ask you to investigate purchasing the Document Management System for your company.

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CO-STAR Integrated Solution

Adding Co-Star Documents to YOUR BUSINESS IT INFRASTRUCTURE allows you to manage all of your business documents while working in the BUSINESS software application. You can also send simple commands to Co-Star such as scanning new documents, adding pages to existing documents or retrieving the documents and displaying or distributing them from the desktop. Just use your standard queries in a simple, one-step process of entering the information to be retrieved.  So when your customer calls, your employee answering the telephone can display all quotes, orders, delivery receipts, and other documents with your customer. A second mouse click will distribute documents to local or network printers, fax, email or FTP to other sites.

And what makes us unique among commercial document management systems is that we accomplish integration for practically any database or hardware platform…in a matter of hours. Compare that to vendors who can take weeks and even months to implement their systems and require using complex and proprietary APIs.  Another unique feature of Co-Star is that we don’t install our own proprietary database and don’t require or need our own application server for Co-Star documents.  That’s why we cost less than other systems and can offer you the following performance guarantee.  KeyNet will:

  • Work seamlessly with your existing databases.
  • Accommodate your business workflow and database needs
  • Help integrate your future migration plans
  • Work on Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP
  • Work with UNIX, AIX, Windows and LINUX applications.

Do you have multiple applications in your business?  This is not a problem for Co-Star.  We can enable multiple applications, and at no extra licensing cost to you.

And your Co-Star documents are also accessible from your e-Commerce and web systems.  In other words, your public and password protected users can display document information from your system any time, day or night.

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Our Customers’ ROI Experience

It’s a great investment!

Co-Star customers have proven to be very quick to utilize the system and achieve payback for their investment.  It’s not uncommon for a Co-Star user to exceed 100,000 documents filed in the 1st quarter after installation.  Hypothetically speaking, that’s 2 to 3 less trips to the filing cabinet, or 5-10 fewer copies for each document!

Short-term annual savings are typically measured in tens of thousands of dollars, with return on investment realized in months, not years. Co-Star users tell us that payback is achieved when customer inquiries are satisfied, or a customer is served better and when staff are more productive. Recurring benefits are even more significant because documents will become an integral part of your business information management.

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Solutions reduce your costs and make you more productive…

KeyNet provides document and content solutions from requirements analysis, to design, to final deployment, or any of the steps in-between and offers services that are intended to provide “point integration” into customer’s legacy applications.

KeyNet can help in the deployment of one of our solution products, or a custom application we develop for you. Examples include document web application development, database integration and design, or other systems engineering. Though our products are very feature-rich, KeyNet can also create special features to add value specific to your needs.

KeyNet provides all of the training courses needed for your users and system administrators. Additionally, KeyNet personnel deliver custom application development training courses that have been developed to meet a particular customer requirement.

Implementation of a Co-Star system often opens doors of opportunity to simplify many of your organization’s work processes. Let us help you take advantage of those opportunities by adding KeyNet to your re-engineering team.