“At KeyNet, Customer Care is not just a slogan, it’s the centerpiece of our corporate culture”

Dear KeyNet Customer:

Thank you for your visit to our company website, We appreciate your inquiries regarding your document and image management needs and want to take this opportunity to provide some information about KeyNet, Inc.

KeyNet is a leading document management company with nation-wide and oversees users. Co-Star®, developed by KeyNet, is a proven, full-featured software suite that provides document and data capture, indexing, retrieval, editing, annotation and distribution of both paper and electronic documents across LAN/WAN, company intranet and internet environments. Co-Star’s unique integrated document management design complements and enhances all major specialized line-of-business applications. Deployed at more that 1,000 user sites, worldwide, Co-Star features our IFS document repository, open architecture, mark-up, collaborative features, and workflow.

Specialized applications in Co-Star include fully integrated suite of document management software for manufacturing, distribution and pharmaceuticals industries, finance, legal, public records, visual resources collections and accounting operations. Our systems allow immediate transfer of information between departments or facilities (proving especially useful for users with decentralized operations) and permit flexible local or wide-area network or web on-line inquiries.

Let Co-Star Give You the Assurance You Demand

The Co-Star system provides full-featured document management, optical character recognition, barcode recognition, marksense recognition and automated data entry. Co-Star customers are also able to capture and convert data into the document management system in one of several ways–through a scanner, camera, imported from other sources, faxed-in, emailed or ftp’d.  Co-Star users do not have to re-engineer your workflow or “re-invent the wheel” to implement the new system. Document security and integrity is assured because Co-Star meets and exceeds industry standards for electronic document management systems.  Co-Star’s open architecture and redundant indexing and storage subsystems assure that your business will be protected from downtime or costly business interruption.

Co-Star also features integration with your existing database applications. This allows users to search, retrieve and display business documents while working in the database applications. Designed using the Co-Star API, you can send simple commands to Co-Star such as scanning new documents, adding pages to existing documents or retrieving the documents and displaying them across the LAN/WAN or Worldwide Web. Mainframe users are also able to use standard queries in a simple, one-step process of entering the information to be retrieved. Users are able to distribute documents to local or network printers, fax, email or FTP to other sites. A Co-Star customer in the distribution industry reported full production within the first week after installation and in three months of use has filed more than 500,000 of their business documents.

A Co-Star customer reports:

“KeyNet’s software provides a unified information capture platform for extracting, perfecting, formatting and exporting data to our information management systems. KeyNet has become an important business partner of our document management solution.”

A Project Manager , US Treasury Department says “The Co-Star software that we purchased has exceeded our expectation and your support staff has been outstanding to work with. I hear every day from the users here about the great things the software is doing for them.” And a CEO, Medical Distributor says “KeyNet software was one of the few we’ve ever been involved with where we’ve gotten virtually no complaints – only rave reviews. Thanks KeyNet!”

We are very proud to receive these comments from our customers and partners and to share them with you. We invite you to contact us and test drive our products for use in your applications. We think you will find that KeyNet can help. Please call me at any time at 1-888-keynet1 to request a Co-Star Web Demo or to ask any questions. Thank you again for your inquiries.


Richard B. Mahoney

President, KeyNet, Inc.