Benefits of Choosing KeyNet

Leverage Our Experience

KeyNet customers take advantage of our experienced in-house document management and workflow software team. In addition, our team of experts goes beyond our own staff, and includes a set of associate companies with specialized skills in many areas of document and database technologies. KeyNet retains in-house staff with unique skills in areas such as:

  • Database Integration
  • Storage Devices
  • Workflow
  • Batch Processing
  • Compression/Decompression
  • OCR, Barcode and ICR technology
  • Specialized document processing
  • Business Process Enhancement

Quicker Time to Market

Once the decision is made that a software solution is needed, either for internal use or commercial distribution, getting it done fast is a requirement. The ability to deliver on time is a huge value.

KeyNet draws from its many years of experience and adds ready-made imaging technology to meet even the most aggressive project schedules.

Read more about KeyNet’s document imaging solutions.

Fixed Development Costs

Since KeyNet quotes projects to specification and on a fixed-price basis, your budgets can be determined well in advance. No more surprises caused by project overruns or prolonged development schedules.

Lower Support Costs

KeyNet solutions use only the highest quality production level products and proven technologies that are supported by KeyNet on an ongoing basis. This policy ensures that your internal support costs will be less.

Flexible Development Process

Open communications between our customers and KeyNet, and our ability to accommodate project changes, is a special benefit that can provide our customers with confidence of achieving the best possible result for their project and for their organization.