quoteCo-Jacket utilizes the power of KeyNet’s document capture and workflow to bring you a tool that is simple to use, scalable, and feature-rich.quote

Using Co-Jacket, you can create a workflow structure that closely matches the way YOU like to keep your documents organized. You can partition documents into secured and unsecured folders, and then combined into a single virtual folder providing access a single point of access to all documents of a particular grouping. 

Co-Jacket provides the following features: 

  • Intuitive interface
  • Document Scanning via KeyNet’s KCapture component
  • Document import
  • Document creation, edit and deletion
  • Ability to create and store any type of document in the repository
  • Print/Fax or Email documents from a single interface
  • Annotation tools
  • Full control over user permissions to the folder level
  • Work process routing via email, data flagging, or physical document movement
  • Document Check-out/Check-in, and
  • Version Control

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