Doc Binder

Doc Binder

quoteKeyNet’s Doc Binder is designed to make your correspondences to customers or vendors faster and more efficient. quote

Doc Binder features an intuitive Windows interface to allow you to print or email documents from your Co-Star Image Store.

  • Searches existing CoStar Image Store for the matching invoice and documents
  • Combine extracted documents into a single PDF or multi-page TIF
  • Emails the resulting file to a specific email address
  • Logs each document sent with extensive logging functions
  • Email addresses are remembered, and presented as a drop-down list in subsequent sessions
  • PDF or TIF files are generated depending on the status of a checkbox
  • Product (other) numbers that do not generate valid IFS document IDs will be flagged for the operator to either remove from the list or correct

Your cost for the Doc Binder is $495.00. You may utilize your existing Telephone Technical Support hours for setup.

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