Email/FAX Processing

Email/FAX Processing

quoteKeyNet’s INFLOW includes enhanced email and fax processing functionality that can save your business money. quote

INFLOW Email Batch Processing includes:

  • Capturing data from email elements such as Email from, to, date, subject, body text, cc and sender address
  • Capturing data from attachments including converting barcodes to data with AUTOZONE (optional)
  • Converting attachments to image.  Convert PDF and MS Office attachment to image with KCONVERT Pro(optional)

Fax-in  folders on your fax servers can be processes simply by clicking the FAX button in INFLOW.  Co-Star works with all fax applications that support ‘fax dump’ folders.  Some fax server applications are designed to generate email and these batches are processes by Co-Star using our email input capabilities.

Both email and fax batches can operate in “server mode” in INFLOW so that these import operations are automated.  In server mode the documents arrive in the  INFLOW data entry inbox for viewing, further processing and transfer to the ERP system and Co-Star repository.

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