Image Store

Image Store

quoteKeyNet’s IFS (Image Store) Maintenance Program is designed to make you Co-Star System operate more efficiently and clean up unused files..quote

Keynet offers this important service for optimizing your Image Store. The maintenance includes:

  • Clearing out unneeded files (keeping 1-2 years of ICR files)
  • Breaking down large volumes by year or by a structure depending upon your needs
  • Cleaning residual inf files
  • Deleting unwanted or unused files
  • Archiving, perform migrations to off-line or archive media

Service charges for the IMAGE STORE program are typically from 3-6 hours of technical support @ $120 hour. You may utilize your existing Telephone Technical Support hours.

NOTE: Organizing your IMAGE STORE Volumes by year or by structure can improve your system performance. Likewise, migrating older volumes can save you disk space.

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