quote KeyNet’s INFLOW DE is designed to make your indexing of incoming and in-house documents faster and more efficient.quote

INFLOW can provide data entry capabilities for your remote intra- and inter-office locations.   As the work-flow moves from one process to another, 1) documents are captured and added to the INFLOW batch structure, 2) data is collected in various ways from the documents, 3) that data is validated, and finally 4) the documents are released to one or more document imaging systems for storage and retrieval. Many of the INFLOW processes can be run in an unattended mode. Because INFLOW is a scalable product, processes can be distributed across many workstations or even many networks, each performing a specific task.

  • Capture
  • Registration
  • Post processing
  • Data verification
  • Release to file-system

An INFLOW system can be configured and set up in about 20 minutes. Once the processes are configured, operating INFLOW is intuitive and simple.

INFLOW DE is offered as a $1,495.00 upgrade to Remote KCapture.

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