quoteKeyNet’s McSPOD solution retrieves Signed Proof of Delivery (SPOD) letters from major carrier online shipping systems and attaches them to printed documents, faxes and/or email messages.  As SPOD’s are retrieved, McSPOD builds an offline respoitory, so that online retrieval only needs to be performed once per shipment.
The process of retrieving and generating the printed or electronic document takes only a few seconds per shipment.quote

McSPOD provides the following features:

  • Generation of an electronic invoice form that matches the preprinted watermark of the original blank form
  • Ability to overlay standard print data onto the watermark form to reproduce the printed invoice in any one of several electronic formats
  • Automatic detection and extraction of UPS or FedEx tracking numbers from the invoice data stream
  • Automatic generation of proof of delivery letters, including signature bitmaps. These POD letters are appended to the electronically ‘reprinted’ invoices
  • Distribution of ‘reprinted’ invoices with attached POD letters to one or more email, fax or printer destinations

Your cost for the McSPOD program is $4,995 including setup services.

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