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Check out these great new products and prices for Co-Star maintenance users!

  • AP Processing

    Combines Workflow and Vendor Invoice Processing for your AP transactions. Multiple levels of software scaled to meet your needs. Scalable Pricing schedule Click for Details

  • CoJacket Standalone

    Provides workflow, version control and additional security to standalone volumes. Also functions as a speedy search capability for the entire IFS Repository in Windows. Limited time Free upgrade for Maintenance Customers or add $495.00 KCapture Remote Scanning Click for details

  • Coverpage

    Coverpage lets you create your barcode labels and barcoded pages for later scanning. Setup your coverage applications at both home and remote locations and save time. Services ONLY for Inflow Maintenance Customers Click for Details

  • Doc Binder

    Collates and binds documents such as customer invoices, quotes and spec sheets for distribution. Sends email images or PDFs to customers to speed collections. $495 Click for Details

  • Email Converter

    Converts Emails and attachments to usable document image files. Converts customer orders and other emails for workflow and processing in Co-Star. Free software upgrade! Click for Details

  • FedEx, UPS RePRINT

    Works with invoice reprint to match invoices and statement to UPS, FedEx PODs. Performs Statement and POD matching to save time and individual tracking requests. $4,995.00 includes Co-Star software plus Setup Services Click for Details

  • Image Store

    KeyNet services for testing and evaluating orphan images and other file issues in the IFS Image Store. This is a must for expanding repositories. Services ONLY for Maintenance Customers Click for Details

  • INFLOW Data Entry

    Upgrade your KCapture remote scanning workstation with Inflow. Remote Inflow workstations can scan index and file just like the home office. $1,495.00 upgrade to remote KCapture Click for Details

  • OUTFLOW-AR Solution

    Fax or email customer statements with invoices and PODs. Saves time and speeds collections. $3,995.00 includes Co-Star software plus Setup Services! Click for Details

  • Remote Scan Bundle

    Works in remote locations to capture documents in Co-Star. Sends documents to Co-Star for Barcode or Advanced Auto-indexing. $1,995.00 Includes Fujitsu's Award-winning Scanning! Click for Details

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